All listed prices are on a per session basis while grooming and bathing vary based on breed and size.

🐾   Off-Leash Group Playtime ($3/per session or $5/2 x daily)

Dogs are free to play and interact in one of our securely fenced play yards under the supervision of our trained staff..  During inclement weather we have an indoor play room.

🐾  Off-Leash Private Playtime ($6.00/per session)

Similar to group playtime except playing with balls, frisbees and other toys with a staff member

🐾  Adventure Walk ($6.00)

Whether your pup craves a stimulating fast paced walk or an easy leisurely stroll at their own pace

🐾  Busy Bone ($4.00)

A Kong or bone filled with peanut butter or yogurt

🐾  Frosty Paws Treat  ($1.50)

Rich and creamy yogurt pup-cream; flavors include pumpkin, peanut butter/apple and berry

🐾  Rawhide-Free Dog Chew  ($3.00)

🐾  Raw & Meaty Beef Bone ($5.00)

*** “Stay & Play” package includes Busy Bone at Snacktime and daily Playtime***

🐾  Oral Meds Administration ($1.00)

🐾  Injectable Meds Administration ($3.00)

🐾🐾  Cuddles and Belly Rubs  (FREE & always included!!!)

🐾🐾  Snacktime & Goodnight Biscuits  (Compliments of their B&B stay!)                                

189 JoDeener Drive,  Zelienople, PA 724-452-4714